10+ years of advertising industry design experience bringing big name brands like Nestlé, Nissin, Red Bull, Muscle Milk, Starz and a host of others to life.

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  • I was born and raised in New York, spent over a decade in Los Angeles, and currently reside in the beautifully historic small town of Franklin, TN.
  • I'm an obsessive pixel pusher, avid coffee drinker, and specialize in sarcasm.
  • I can rock out on a geetar purty good. I even played arenas opening for Ozzy Osbourne and lived to tell about it. Barely.
  • I have three cats, Tig (aka Tigston Wigglesworth), Iggy (aka El Chapo) and Maxwell Smart (aka The Silverback).
  • I casually photobombed Manny Pacquiao during a Butterfinger Cups photoshoot and wound up in his Twitter feed.
  • A campaign I worked on for Hot Pockets was so big it became a Jeopardy question.
  • Gamer site Kotaku ran a Hot Pockets Photoshop contest - one of the entries turned me into a Grand Theft Auto character
  • No, there is no vowel missing in my last name.
  • I once met Brian May from Queen. That was awesome.
  • I once met O.J. Simpson. That was not.
  • I’m also a damn good designer.


When you have the right concept, the right strategy, and the right team, it can equal web awards gold. I was lucky enough to have a few sprinkled my way.