My name is Michael Grgas and I’m a Design Director + Art Director. And no, there is no vowel missing in my last name. You’ll also need to roll the “r”. Kinda like “rrrrrrrrrr”. You’ll get it eventually.

A little about yours truly:

  • I was born & raised in New f'n Yawk.
  • I'm an obsessive pixel pusher, avid coffee drinker and all around smart-ass.
  • I constantly immerse myself in the latest & greatest. That includes pizza.
  • I can rock out on a geetar purty good.
  • I've played arenas opening for Ozzy Osbourne and lived to tell about it. Barely.
  • I have two cats, Tig & Iggy. They're better than your cats.
  • I say "stuff" a lot. I don't know why.
  • I once met Brian May from Queen. That was awesome.
  • I once met O.J. Simpson. That was not.
  • I'm also a damn good designer.


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Pre-Previously: New York, NY
Previously: Los Angeles, CA
Currently: Franklin, TN. Yee Haw.


Height: 6' 0"
Hair: Brown. Long. Unruly.
Eyes: Hazel
Shoe Size: 12
Cats: 3
Guitars: 14 & growing. Rapidly.


Color: Magenta
Food: Pizza, Ribs, Coffee (it's food to me)
Drink: Gentleman Jack Neat
TV: The Walking Dead, Fixer Upper
Music: Chris Stapleton, Miranda Lambert, Cody Jinks, Sturgill Simpson, Kacey Musgraves, George Jones
Movies: Manchester By The Sea, Hell Or High Water